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  • PROGRAM & ARTISTS – be the mountain

PROGRAM & ARTISTS – be the mountain

PROGRAM  <text-ampersand>&</text-ampersand> ARTISTS – be the mountain PROGRAM  <text-ampersand>&</text-ampersand> ARTISTS – be the mountain



Heart Sutra – Tenzin Choegyal

Kalvanika – Queensland Dance Centre Dancers (Teresa Li, Yujie Wang, Christina Xiao, Jessie Wu)

Flora Wong and Matt Hsu

Butterfly Lovers – Queensland Dance Centre Dancers (Grace Chun-see Ng, Anna Niu, Kanna Nakanishi ,Seina Nakanishi ,Melody Wang ,Ivy Hu ,Elaine Shang ,Ruby Ding ,Olivia Shen, Clare Dong ,Alicia Gu ,Connie Lu)

Taiko drumming – Kaya Tominaga (with Dancer Sarah Thompson)


Improvised Nomad- Tenzin Choegyal

Peace – Queensland Dance Centre (Ruby Wu)

Takako Nishibori & Phil Wilson

Horse Step – Queensland Dance Center Dancers (Duanduan Li, Shaoling Kong, Duojiao Wang, Lin Wang, Fang Wang, . Teresa Li, Yujie Wang, Shuojia Dong, Feiyan dai, Wei Luo)

Kaya Tominaga & UQ Taiko Drumming Ensemble

Heart Strings finale – Tenzin Choegyal, Sarah Thompson with all artists

BEMAC Producer TENZIN CHOEGYAL is a Tibetan/Australian artist, composer, activist, musical director and cultural ambassador, and one of the world’s finest musicians with Tibetan lineage. He has released nine independent albums (three with his band Tibet2Timbuk2), including The Last Dalai Lama with Philip Glass and the 2021 Grammy-nominated Songs from the Bardo with Laurie Anderson – a moving interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

FLORA WONG is a violinist equally at home performing a contemporary classical repertoire, producing ambient music for violin and electronics, and tracking strings across genres in the studio. She commissioned and recorded works by Connor D’Netto, MJ O’Neill, Chris Perren and Kezia Yap, and performs with Meanjin/Brisbane-based ensembles Nonsemble, Voltfruit, Tango Enigmático and Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra.

MATT HSU is a Queensland Music Awards winning composer, orchestra director and activist. His 22-piece Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra grew from being a tinkering solo artist moniker to one of Queensland’s most respected orchestras, challenging the pomp and formality of classical orchestras, underpinned by inclusivity. He frequently collaborates with artists as diverse as Tenzin Choegyal, hip-hop luminaries L-Fresh The Lion, Nardean, Sachém, Mack Ridge, ILL MO 老莫 and Chunyan 春艷.

KAYA TOMINAGA has been performing Taiko since 2014, learning from teachers across Australia and Japan. Rich in history, Taiko has been instrumental in the past 70 years in helping to express the identities of many bi-cultural people with Japanese heritage in Western culture. Dynamic and unapologetically loud, Kaya revels in the physical expression of an identity that directly contrasts stereotype. Joined by Ben Du, Audrey Lim and Sabrina Wu, the group have been performing together since 2015 at festivals and cultural gatherings.

TAKAKO NISHIBORI is QLD’s eminent Koto performer. She brings the classic sounds of Japan alive through her mastery of the instrument. She began learning Koto at the age of six and studied under Grand Master Shizu Fujino. In 2000, she received her teaching license from the Miyagi school of Tokyo, placed in the top ten for the whole of Japan. In 2005 she moved to Brisbane and, after decades within the Japanese tradition, begun to explore new boundaries for the Koto with her Gen絃 duo with Phill Wilson on guitar.

Now entering its 3rd year of operations, QUEENSLAND DANCE CENTRE is a vibrant and dynamic institution based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. QDC is realised from the vision and dreams of its two founding artistic directors: the incomparable Meng Ningning and the multi-award winning Hao Bin.

Dancers performing:

Teresa Li, Yujie Wang, Christina Xiao, Jessie Wu, Grace Chun-see Ng, Anna Niu, Kanna Nakanishi, Seina Nakanishi, Melody Wang, Ivy Hu, Elaine Shang, Ruby Ding, Olivia Shen, Clare Dong, Alicia Gu, Connie Lu, Duanduan Li, Shaoling Kong, Duojiao Wang, Lin Wang, Fang Wang, Shuojia Dong, Feiyan dai, Wei Luo.

SARAH THOMPSON is a former Queensland Ballet Company Dancer. In 2008 she was accepted into the Professional Year program and in 2010 was offered a traineeship with the Company, then was promoted to Company Dancer in 2011. In 2016 Sarah took her career to Europe accepting a Soloist contract with the Staatsballett Hannover in Germany. In 2020 Sarah began her teaching career at Sydney Dance Company.

Global Fusion Curator and Choreographer RANI LUTHER’S professional career began with the Kiel Ballet Company Germany in 1995 before moving to dance with world-renowned Netherlands Dance Theatre 2 and Netherlands Dance Theatre 1. In 2003 Rani returned home to dance with The Australian Ballet Company then joined Sydney Dance Company in 2007 and retired from stage as a Principal Dancer with Melbourne Ballet Company in 2011.

Rani’s choreographic creations include two works for NDT Workshop performances 2001/2002, Face the Music for Carriageworks Theatre Sydney 2012, Illuminate for MBC Empyrean season 2016 and Outside In for The Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional season 2017. In 2018 Rani choreographed Lunar for Queensland Ballet’s inaugural season of Synergy and in 2019 Heartstrings for the Australian Ballet Company’s Bodytorque season. In 2020 Rani choreographed From. To. Here for Queensland Ballet’s Bespoke season. In 2019 Rani was appointed Ballet Mistress and Creative Associate for Queensland Ballet and in 2022 Creative Associate.