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  • PROGRAM – Encore

PROGRAM – Encore

PROGRAM – Encore PROGRAM – Encore


From Encore curator – Rani Luther

I am thrilled to welcome you to our inaugural season of Encore.  

This performance honours incredibly talented seasoned artist, who have devoted their lives and careers to the art of dance. The rich value of experience, mature artistry, and immense knowledge these dancers have amassed over a life in the dance world, exudes from every part of their mind, body, and souls. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to shine a well-deserved and important light on these dance greats, with the vision to sustain the Encore season well into the future and provide a legacy for mature dancers with a renewed chance to shine on stage.  

Encore is Inspired by the internationally renowned dance company Netherlands Dance Theatre III, which is based on the idea of offering opportunity to mature dancers who have retired from a professional dance career but still embody the incredible skills of an elite dancer and wish to explore how this looks like at a different stage of life. Seeing firsthand the powerful effect this company of mature artists had around the world was spell binding, so we I thought it is time to try this in Brisbane.  

We have all been excited to explore what movement is possible at a later stage in life and how the shift from physical excellence of youth gives over to the sublime expression of artistry and a sound and undeniable stage presence a little later in life. 

The short self-filmed interviews projected at the start of each act, are an intimate addition to the dance works and my aim is that open words from these legends in the dance world, will pave the way in which we exchange heartfelt stories around retirement and life after a professional dance career. Most elite performers who have dedicated their lives to a physical career go through a huge transformation when the body can no longer sustain such a demanding lifestyle. I believe this transition can often be very traumatic and difficult, however open and honest conversations about the value mature performers can offer, will give hope to younger generations, and show them that there are fulfilling and rich opportunities beyond their careers. 

It is with immense joy and pride that we can share this special performance with you and hope you leave here feeling touched and inspired by what you will see on stage. May your heart soar. 

Rani Luther


Hear from industry legends David McAllister, Roslyn Dunn, Daniel Gaudiello, Lana Jones, Maggi Sietsma, Evan Jones, Anthony Shearsmith, Sally Wicks, Rani Luther and Paul Boyd about their dance careers in a series of video interviews.

Duration 10 mins

act 1 – Apartness & Callosity

noun: apartness
1. the state of two or more people or things being separated in time or space.
2. the state of being isolated or at a distance from the main body.

noun: callosity; plural noun: callosities
1. a thickened and hardened part of the skin; a callus.

Apartness & Callosity…..It’s just a feeling…..

Directed by Richard Causer
Choreographed by Richard Causer, Wendy (Eddie) McPhee, Riannon McLean
Dancers – Wendy (Eddie) McPhee, Riannon McLean
Costumes – Rebekah Ellis

Duration 30 mins

20 minute interval


The interview series continues with more inspiring stories.

Duration 8 mins

act 2 – Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected, such that one small occurrence can influence a much larger complex system.  

Choreographer – Rani Luther
Dancers – Justine Summers, Paul Boyd, Rachael Walsh, and Camilo Ramos.  
Costumes  – Rebekah Ellis 
Lighting – Scott Barton 

Duration 40 mins

I want to thank everyone involved in bringing this work and season to life. It has been a wonderful experience seeing both new works coming to life, and I have loved we were able to share this journey with Richard Causer, Wendy (Eddie) McPhee and Riannon McLean. Special thanks go to my four dancers Justine Summers, Paul Boyd, Rachael Walsh, and Camilo Ramos, whose humbleness, creative talent, generosity of heart, incredible work ethic and commitment made this work possible.

Rani Luther