Our Building

Our Building

Opened in 1908, the Thomas Dixon Centre was originally commissioned as a shoe factory by entrepreneur Thomas Coar Dixon and designed by architect Richard Gailey. It was redeveloped by subsequent owners, the Queensland Government, in 1991 and became home to Queensland Ballet.

In 2022, the Thomas Dixon Centre started a new life again, as an artistic and community destination. Architects Conrad Gargett, the Queensland Government and Queensland Ballet worked collaboratively to design a centre conducive to performing arts and community engagement, whilst retaining the original building at its heart.

The multi-storey building features an interplay of heritage elements and contemporary architecture. The iconic red brick façade has been preserved, with nods to this rare Brisbane example of Georgian revival-style architecture celebrated throughout.

With wellness at its core, the new Thomas Dixon Centre will continue to inspire with creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Our Building

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Talbot Theatre

Our 350+ seat Talbot Theatre is built over three levels, designed to enable full-scale rehearsals and performances, with optimal sightlines from every seat.  We look forward to welcoming world-class productions and events from artists-in-residence and hirers, showcases by Queensland Ballet Academy dancers, works for young audiences as part of the My First Ballet Series, as well as masterclasses and community engagements. 

Generously supported by the Ken Talbot Foundation


Kite Terrace

The Kite Terrace hovers above the Talbot Theatre, celebrating Queensland’s wide blue skies and Brisbane’s city views and paying tribute to home company Queensland Ballet’s fifth Artistic Director, Li Cunxin AO.

Generously supported by Tim and Gina Fairfax 


Ian Potter Promenade

The Ian Potter Promenade sits at the heart of the Thomas Dixon Centre. With the heritage building façade exposed on one side, it is a soaring, welcoming space which connects the many departments of home company Queensland Ballet. Providing unique glimpses into the Wardrobe Workroom and Wellness Suite, the Ian Potter Promenade celebrates the past and present, and offers unexpected connections with art, artists and community. 
Generously supported by the Ian Potter Foundation  


Community Studio

One of six dance studios, the Community Studio is dedicated to our community. Curated education installations and curriculum-linked school activities, and public dance programs for people of all ages and skills levels ensures that our community has a considered presence in our home, every day. 

Generously supported by the Murphy Family Foundation


Wellness Suite

For our Queensland Ballet dancers, we are committed to providing world-leading medical facilities and care for injury prevention, treatment and recovery, and mental wellbeing. Our new Wellness Suite offers outstanding facilities including physio treatment areas, fully-equipped gym, massage zone, medical consultancy rooms, Pilates space and a rehabilitation studio. 

Generously supported by Kay Van Norton Poche AO


Dancer Spaces

In addition to the Wellness Suite, Queensland Ballet dancers have access to elegant dressing rooms, designed dressing stations and private lounge and terrace spaces. Their home away from home, Thomas Dixon Centre considers Queensland Ballet dancers at its core. 

The Dancers’ Terrace is generously supported by Barbara Bedwell


Wardrobe Workroom

From tutus and period costumes to technology-infused designs, our Wardrobe Workroom creates and refurbishes hundreds of costumes each year. Our new workroom will incorporate workshop and store, fitting rooms and spaces for pointe shoes, wigs, art-finishing and laundry. 

We are seeking visionary supporters for our Wardrobe Workroom


Executive Gallery

Private meetings and events could be supplemented with private viewings from the 21-seat Gallery as guests watch rehearsals and performances in the TDC Studio Theatre through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. 

We are seeking visionary supporters for our Executive Gallery



Acknowledging the contribution of Queensland Ballet’s five Artistic Directors, six modern, fit-for purpose studios, will provide world-leading spaces for our Company, Jette Parker Young Artists, Pre-Professional Program, visiting Queensland Ballet Academy students and our community, to develop their craft and love of ballet. 

Studio 1

Charles Lisner

Generously supported by Liz and Graeme Wikman 

Studio 2

Harry Haythorne

Generously supported by Trevor and Judith St Baker 

Studio 3

Harold Collins

Generously supported by Bruce and Jill Mathieson

Studio 4

François Klaus 

Generously supported by the Frazer Family Foundation

Studio 5

Li Cunxin

Generously supported by Roy and Nola Thompson

Studio 6

Community Studio

Generously supported by the Murphy Family Foundation

Project Team


Conrad Gargett

Builder / Early Works

Hutchinson Builders  

Main Works

Hansen Yuncken

Capital Partners & Supporters

Thank you to:

Anonymous, Clive & Conchita Armitage, Barbara Bedwell, Brett & Maria Clark, Tim & Gina Fairfax, Frazer Family Foundation, Ian & Cass George, Goldburg Family Foundation, Bruce & Jill Mathieson, David & Loraine McLaren, Terry & Lurleen Morris, Trevor & Judith St Baker, Stack Family Foundation, Anne Symons, Roy & Nola Thompson, Liz & Graeme Wikman, Steve & Jane Wilson 

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