Thomas Dixon Centre is dedicated to advancing the Arts in Queensland by showcasing emerging and practicing artists and musicians and providing world-class spaces for creative minds to engage and collaborate.

This important work could not be delivered without the help of our supporters.

The generous donations from individuals, businesses and trusts give emerging artists across genres including dance, music, theatre, film and visual arts the opportunity to hone and develop their craft and talent.

These donations also enable us to present inspiring works from the Thomas Dixon Centre’s home company and custodian, Queensland Ballet, along with others in the small-to-medium arts sector and attract international talent to Queensland.


How to support us

If you would like to speak to a member of the Queensland Ballet Development team please reach out at the below details.

Queensland Ballet is the custodian of the Thomas Dixon Centre, and support of the Thomas Dixon Centre is gratefully received through Queensland Ballet.

Build the Magic

The Thomas Dixon Centre represents an unwavering belief in the future of our art form, our community and Queensland Ballet. It has been made possible only by the shared vision of a raft of Government, private and corporate supporters.  

This legacy infrastructure project enables us to offer our thanks to generous supporters in unique ways. We invite you to be a part of the Thomas Dixon Centre’s future by supporting one or more of our Legacy Campaigns. Your support will help ensure the Thomas Dixon Centre’s transformation into a world-class performing arts destination that inspires peak performance, nurtures creativity and encourages wellbeing in everyday life for decades to come. 

Take a Seat

We invite you to consider taking a seat in the Talbot Theatre and dedicate it as you wish. There are over 300 seats to choose from, a limited number of seats in the Artistic Director’s row are still available. 


Dancers’ Dressing Stations

A dancer’s dressing station is a very personal, sacred space. We invite you to consider supporting a dressing station, where our dancers seek inspiration and focus.


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