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Wellness at the Thomas Dixon Centre

The Thomas Dixon Centre is striving to become the world’s first arts, heritage-listed building to achieve the Platinum Score of the International WELL™ Building Standard.

What is WELL™?

Queensland Ballet believes people are the Company’s greatest asset. Most of us spend approximately 90 per cent of our lives indoors, and we think the building we work, rest, train and perform in should embody our values.

As part of the redevelopment of Queensland Ballet’s home at the beautiful Thomas Dixon Centre, we have committed to achieving the International WELL Building Standard Platinum rating, reflecting the highest standard in building design and operation to optimise human health and performance. WELL is grounded in a body of evidence-based research that explores the connection between the buildings, the health and wellbeing impacts on occupants and visitors. It is based on 10 key concepts covering different areas affecting people’s overall wellness:

Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community. 

The Standard embraces strict architectural design rules, worksite conditions during construction, regular quality checks, operational standards, and policies. It was founded on the understanding that the facets of our environment interact with personal, genetic, and behavioural factors to shape overall health and wellbeing.

Why WELL™?

Health and wellbeing are at the heart of Queensland Ballet’s culture. We chose to pursue the WELL certification for this heritage home as we value the happiness and healthiness of the Company’s employees – from the dancers to the artistic and business staff, as well as patrons and the visiting community. The International WELL Building Institute is leading the global movement to transform buildings to make people thrive, using a roadmap to advance health and wellbeing in a single asset or location.

“We pledge to make a positive impact for ourselves and as many people as possible.”

Queensland Ballet Executive Director, Dilshani Weerasinghe

How are we implementing WELL™ ?

Through WELL’s 10 core concepts, we are addressing the ways our physical and social environments shape our health and wellbeing outcomes.
This includes:


Thomas Dixon Centre is supplied with 100% fresh air treated with fine-grade filters to ensure the highest air quality levels, which are strictly monitored. Therefore, the air inside the building is cleaner and healthier to breathe than the air outdoors.


A circadian light design system has been installed in the Ian Potter Promenade. It mimics the external daylight based on the time of day and season of the year, in order to support the natural human circadian rhythm.


Rainwater from the Kite Terrace is being collected into a 46,000-litre tank and used to irrigate the gardens.


Healthy food choices are promoted at the Thomas Dixon Centre through carefully composed items available at the Coffee Cart, as well as balanced menus, including a variety of special diets, catered during Queensland Ballet’s events.  Additionally, Queensland Ballet staff are offered regular nutrition workshops and consultations.

WELL™ Building Standard

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